About the Scottish Fold Cat

The Scottish Fold can be traced back to 1961 to a cat named “Susie” – a Scottish barnyard cat with folded ears. One of Susie’s kittens was acquired for breeding by a neighbouring farmer. The Scottish Fold cat gets its name from a dominant-gene in the breed which results in folded ears. The actual fold occurs in the cartilage of the ear, and some have said that this gives the cat an owl-like appearance.

Not all Scottish Fold kittens will be born with this trait, but it is one that is commonly sought by potential owners. The name “Scottish Fold” was adopted, after previously having been called “lops” or “lop-eared” after the lop-eared rabbit. Scottish Folds typically have rounded faces with large round eyes and may even appear to be smiling – with a slight curve of the mouth. Both longhair and shorthair varieties are possible, with the longhaired cats having a semi-long coat with a large fluffy tail.

Scottish Fold Kitten

Scottish Fold Kitten

In addition to their folded ears, Scottish Fold kittens are known for their loving nature and tend to adjust well to other animals which make them great for current pet-owners.  They are also very playful and affectionate, and are good around children.  Scottish Folds are known for sleeping on their backs, and will even occasionally sit with their legs stretched out like an otter. For a list of more reasons to get your own Scottish Fold, check out this Top 10 Reasons to Own a Scottish Fold list!

Scottish Fold in the 'buddha' position.

Scottish Fold Cat sitting in the 'buddha' position

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